Wednesday (3/14) – The ICAN students and I were very successful today! The same three students from last week came in and helped pot an estimated 60 plugs that were donated by Annette. These plugs were chosen at the Plug Connection in San Diego last month. As excited as we were, we incorporated communication skills, creativity, problem solving, collaborating with others, and posture control. I presented the students with opportunities for them to request materials. I allowed the students to use stones or sticks to decorate their plants. If something looked off, such as not having enough soil in a pot or seeing a tilted plant, the staff member and I waited (or prompted) for the student(s) to ask for assistance. I placed materials scattered on the table with the purpose of having the students interact with each other as they asked for supplies needed. Lastly, since the students lacked posture control, I gently encouraged them to be mindful of their posture as it would help them feel comfortable while completing the potting task. The students were very motivated as shown through their compliance throughout the session.


Thursday (3/15) – Today was a big day for the Valmonte Garden! The KABC news crew stopped by to report on the successes of the garden. They met students from ICAN who helped with weeding a big part of the garden. The reporter also witnessed one of the students transplant ferns of all sizes. In the meanwhile, a mommy and me class was in session. In class, we worked on decorating paper four-leaf clovers with pom-poms, stickers, glue, and confetti. The children enjoyed participating in making lemonade with freshly picked lemons. They also enjoyed feeding chickens and taking a goody bag home. Students go home with more creative tasks and brilliant ideas!