Monday (2/5)- Two students from the local ICan program were observed at the PV garden.  During this time, students were encouraged to participate in gardening activities such as weeding, watering, and organizing. Verbal prompts were provided to remind the students of their tasks. Gesture prompts were provided only when students perseverate on other tasks. Most of this time was used to observe the students as it was our first day there.


Wednesday (2/7)- Two different students from the local ICan program were observed at the PV Garden on Wednesday afternoon. The students were supported by the OT students during a planting activity that required fine motor skills, sequencing, motor planning, problem solving, and communication skills. The OT students were able to collaborate with RO, an experienced Occupational Therapist and mother to another student who also participates in the ICan program.


Monday (2/12)- Students were assigned a vegetable bed to weed out during the first half of session.  This task required physical skills such as core stability, bilateral coordination, and fine motor grasps, as well as cognitive skills such as decision making and motor planning.  The students also planted carrot seeds after making straightway marks down one of the empty beds. This task required sequencing skills


Wednesday (2/21)- Today I worked with two students from ICan at the Seed to Plate Garden. Our main task was to repot succulent plants and design the layout for the plants. Through this activity I focused on using appropriate communication skills during requests or need for assistance and on sequencing skills. One client needed more assistance in working through sequencing the steps during the repotting activity. I verbally prompted him prior to each step and used suggestions for his design. I also demonstrated possibilities of what he could do as plant design and waited for him to return demonstration so that I knew he understood and could move on to the next step. The second client required verbal prompts when requesting assistance during activity. Prompts included suggested phrases that could be used when asking for assistance. By the end of session, client demonstrated appropriate use of asking for help independently without verbal prompts.


Thursday (2/22)- Today the Mommy and Me class focused on sensory integration. We provided an opportunity for the kids to touch various insects that live in wet dirt. Through child-led play, we also incorporated an activity that required fine motor development, grips, bilateral coordination, posture control, problem-solving, and sequencing skills. They created caterpillars using long socks, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, and googly eyes. These skills were also addressed during our gardening activities: watering, digging, planting, and picking. Everyone went home feeling self-efficient as they took home a bag filled with snap peas that they picked from the garden.


Wednesday (2/28)- Today was a cold day at the Palos Verdes Garden!  However, the weather conditions did not keep the ICAN students from coming in and helping out.  In preparation for a new covered patio area, we focused on clearing out the space. We carried heavy rocks from that area to another and flattened the dirt using shovels, hay hoes, and long-headed rakes.  At the end of the day, the entire area was cleared and ready for construction. I was also able to speak with a young man there about the importance of experiencing a job that provides steady income and medical benefits.  I hope that this job opportunity allows him to expand his vocational skills to promote success in his future jobs.


Thursday (3/1)- A new rotation of the Mommy and Me class started today.  New students joined former students with their moms. Today’s class was child-led.  The students were encouraged to explore the garden with colorful magnifying glasses provided at the start of class.  They were also provided with baskets to collect any interesting objects they found during their time there. They collected flowers, insects, bugs and wood chips, all of which served as sensory integration development.  As part of table-top activity time, the students participated in making a CD Case garden to take home with them at the end of class. The only items needed included CD cases, which were donated by members of the neighborhood, seeds (beans), and paper towels.  The students placed a few seeds on top of a moist paper towel inside their CD cases and were encouraged to watch the various stages of growth that would be taking place within the next two weeks!

Wednesday (3/7)- I worked with three new students from ICAN today! It was neat to see a new group of students at the PV Garden. Our task was to arrange plants on shelves to get them ready for this weekend’s sale. At first, only one student was willing to participate; however, their staff and I continued to encourage participation until the other two students engaged in the succulent arrangement. One student impressed us by taking initiative on weeding the plants and the other two students helped redesign some flower pots with pebbles and sparkly rocks. Various skills, including expressive communication, problem solving, sequencing, and self-efficacy were targeted during our plant arrangement today!