Week of 2/24-3/1
Life’s Toolbox had the opportunity to provide gardening-related activities at Oakmont Assisted
Living & Memory Care on Friday! Dr. Hatala brought ferns for the residents to remove dead
leaves from, promoting the use of fine motor skills. Residents were also given the option to
color flower labels that will be used for the plants at the VA hospital. It’s absolutely wonderful
how these communities are able to help each other out! In preparation for the new tomato
seedlings, one of the residents worked side by side with Ana to uproot the mint and lettuce
plants with the assistance of some adaptive gardening tools. Some residents even broke apart
the uprooted plants to create future composts. All of these gardening activities provided so
many benefits such as hand and wrist strengthening and attention to detail to name a few. By
providing these activities, we were able to brighten their day in a meaningful and fun way!
Thank you Oakmont for having us!