This week at Life’s Toolbox, Annette and the interns had a wonderful meeting with the recreation therapists in the Blind Rehabilitation Center of the VA hospital. There, we received a tour of the unit to see how the recreation therapists and other valuable staff members support veterans in learning how to regain life skills and integrate back in to their community. We saw how we, as occupational therapists and future occupational therapists, can offer support to the VA staff and work together towards a common goal. We saw their upcoming calendar and they have lots of fun events planned that we are looking forward to volunteering at. The following day we had the opportunity to attend the Blind Rehabilitation Center open house which had a number of different vendors, both associated and not associated with the VA hospital. This allowed for us to network as well as learn and discover current technological advances in visual rehabilitation. It is exciting to see how Life’s Toolbox can fit in to support the rehabilitation of our veterans.