This week at the Lake View Elementary Garden, we started to clear the grounds for weed cloth. We started with leveling the ground, which was almost like bedrock. We had to soak the ground in order to break through the rocky soil. Next, we prepped the soil for the students to plant vegetables and flowers in the flower boxes. The flower boxes had previously been emptied, but over the week they had grown weeds. We weeded and watered the soil so that the plants would easily take root when the students planted them. When the kids arrived during their lunch, they each got to plant three or more plugs into the planter boxes, which used their executive functioning as they listened to directions and social skills as they helped each other complete the task. They used bilateral integration to plant the plugs, while also engaging in sensory play as they dug with their bare hands in the soil. Next week, we hope to clear more of the grounds for weed cloth.

-Caitlin Lee