Spring has sprung! The new plants in the garden are growing wonderfully, but along with all that new growth is also the growth of weeds. There will always be more weeding to do in a garden than planting, but the little hands that help us make it much more enjoyable! This week was state standardized testing for the kids, so the turnout was smaller. The kids that did arrive were able to plant plugs and take home a few 2 inch pots. They were able to experience wet and textured tactile input as well as use bilateral integration as they potted their plant. Lastly, the boys wanted to pull weeds and who can object to that request! They were very helpful and loved the accomplishment of pulling out the weed from the root. The three beds with plants officially have working drip systems in them and plants will hopefully thrive now that they are being watered on a daily basis!

-Caitlin Lee