Lakeview Garden:


Today was the first day for us as the new Life’s Toolbox interns at the Yorba Linda Garden. Our names are Caitlin and Alliese and we will be sharing our weekly happenings with you! We were introduced to the garden on Monday and got to speak with a few teachers who were interested in sending more students to the garden. We received great feedback about how excited their students were to start back in the garden. It was more of an introduction day to get to know the facility and what we will be doing with the students over the next few months. We came back on Wednesday and got to work weeding! Due to the intern change over and nature’s ever constant state of growth, the garden while flourishing with strawberries, lettuce, and onions, was also quite overgrown with weeds. While the students were in class, we weeded and watered the flower boxes and surrounding garden grounds. During lunch, the students joined us in the fun! We had a competition between all of us as to who could fill their bucket the fastest. We were all winners of course and we enjoyed getting to meet some of the students! -Caitlin Lee