Lakeview Elementary celebrated open house this past week.  I was delighted to host a garden booth at their open house along with a fellow intern as well as our clinical instructor.  The garden booth proved to be a success among the parents and students at Lakeview Elementary.  The booth offered participants the chance to plug a plant and take it home.  We instructed the participants on plant care and encouraged them to plant it in the ground when they returned home.  Participants planted over 250 plugs at the open house and expressed their interest in the school garden.  We hope that exposure will bring more parents and students to the garden as it is in need of their assistance.  Throughout this experience, students have contributed to the garden in a number of ways, from planting and weeding to fertilizing and painting.  While the garden is growing, so are the young minds of the students that help to make the space beautiful.  

-Lauren Hicks