Lakeview Garden

The Lakeview Garden is growing all sorts of vegetables!  With the help of the Lakeview students we planted; red lettuce, romaine lettuce, basil, spinach, peppers, cilantro, passion fruit trees and more tomatoes.  Along with the new vegetables, we also planted flowers such as gaillardia, vinca, lobelia as well as nasturtium.  The students were very helpful with this process as we appreciate their interest in the garden.  The preschool class had a blast playing in the yard this week!  First, we asked them to find plants in the garden, so they gathered many objects such as rocks, flowers, sticks, dirt, grass as well as leaves.  Then they squirted paint onto their paper and proceeded to paint with the plants they found.  It was so beautiful to see their creative minds working as they used their plants to paint pictures.  To complete this activity, the students built skills in areas of play exploration and social participation, visual and smell functions as well as joint mobility and stability.  Next week, we hope to fertilize the trees and build more hoop houses over the raised beds so that the plants can thrive in a warmer environment.