Lakeview Garden

The Lakeview Garden appears to be doing well thanks to a few improvements.  It was essential to pull the weeds that were going to seed to prevent the spread of more weeds.  So, after weeks of weeding the grounds and preparing the raised beds for plants, we were finally able to plant!  The preschool class was extremely helpful with this task.  The children worked carefully to plant the lettuce plugs into bigger pots.  Transplanting the plugs required motor skills such as coordination, process skills such as sequencing as well as social interaction skills such as taking turns.  Another garden task, “turning the bed,” is a process that involves shoveling dirt from underneath to replace the dirt on top and mixing in new soil; this is done in preparation for planting new plants.   Students from the 1st-3rd-grade combo class had mature herbs that were ready to be planted in the raised beds.  The students turned the raised beds and planted basil, mint, parsley and dill which required the use of neuromusculoskeletal and movement functions, sensory and mental functions as well as cardiovascular and respiratory functions.  We had an enjoyable and enriching time this week as more students find their way to the garden.  Gardening provides an excellent opportunity to engage children in a rich sensory diet as it integrates the different senses while completing fun activities!