This week Life’s Toolbox Interns participated at Huntington Beach’s Public Library adult coloring event as well as attended our first day at Beachside. It was our first time at the adult coloring event and we both really enjoyed it. The event host provided a sign up sheet, cookies, tea, coloring books, markers and colored pencils. We were able to color for two hours, have conversations in between and listen to music in the background. The adult coloring event was very relaxing. 

At beachside this week we met with the activities director Lulu at 2pm. She had us walk with her to meet some of the residents in their rooms and encourage them to come to the activities room. Lulu originally wanted to have an outdoor activity that day but it was unsafe due to the weather being too hot outside. However we made the most of our time there with the residents who wanted to participate in the activities room. One intern spent some one-on one time helping a resident build a puzzle and the other intern worked with the other resident who wanted to paint.