03/06/19 – Huntington Beach Library Adult Coloring (AM)

After an eventful week, interns at Life’s Toolbox participated in an adult coloring night held by Huntington Beach Library. The hosts of the event were welcoming and encouraged you to try and any design available. Coloring intricate designs was a simple, yet therapeutic activity that allowed us to put all our focus into one task. We observed the benefits of mindfulness. We were present and allowed ourselves to be consumed by coloring. We were not distracted by social media or thinking about due dates or other responsibilities. We could relax and decompress through a creative outlet. Another benefit includes the opportunity for individuals to communicate in a low stress situation. If an individual has difficulty with eye contact he or she can join a conversation while staying focused on coloring. After such a pleasant evening, we are excited for adult crafting night, which will be held on the third Thursday of each month.