This week at Golden View, mentors taught the students the meaning of life skills. One particular life skill we focused on this week was patience. Many students were paired up and did great working together. We loved to see their patience and positive teamwork throughout the garden and hear the students reflect on how they use patience at home and in their classrooms. A lot of work was done in Planter 1. Soil was removed and weeds were sifted out, new plants including eggplant, garlic chives, basil, and tomatoes were planted. We can’t wait to use our life skill of patience and watch our vegetables grow! Students also did a wonderful job evening out our old mulch pile and working hard on our new one…our ground in the farm is quickly getting covered. Lastly, the students did a great job weeding on the right side of the fence outside of the garden. So much work was done this week, the student deserve a relaxing spring break!