03/18-03/22 Golden View Summary 

This week at Golden View, the students worked on preparation and organization. Throughout the garden, we prepared the planters for more vegetables by adding compost and mulch. The planters are looking great and they’re just about ready to go! Students also worked on adding stepping stones within the garden planters in order to makes it much easier to walk within the garden and plant in the middle of the planters without stepping on any newly growing plants. Students also worked hard in helping mentors organize and clean the shed…not the most fun activity, but necessary and a great learning lesson in teamwork! The atrium is looking great and a continued work in progress. The students continued to work hard by weeding the stinging nettle, sweeping, and planting more vegetables…we are looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor. Unfortunately, on Thursday, the garden needed to be cancelled due to unforeseen rain. On Friday, Life’s Toolbox interns returned to their own school to check in for a midterm review. We will get back up and running next week, weather permitting, and continue working hard in the garden planting and continuing to learn great life skills that translate to the classroom and at home!