02/25-03/01 Golden View Summary (AM)

This week the students worked on teamwork. The main activity of the week was dividing into groups, decorating individual name tags, and most importantly deciding on a team name! The students took turns sharing their ideas, voted on their favorite, and decorated their poster together. When the students weren’t decorating they were planting! We were able to fill the half wall pots with mint and fill in more of the planters with various goodies. Fun fact: Mint is a predator! When planted with other greens they are known to take over. That’s why it is important to have them grow in a pot of their own. The students worked hard to keep everything well watered and cared for. Some even discarded the weeds in the cabbage patch and atrium while being very careful of the stinging nettle! The mentors took the time to educate them on garden safety and to look before they touch.  Lastly, the students got to enjoy the fruit of their labor by eating broccoli harvested from their very own garden! They had the choice to eat it plain, dip it in ranch, or a special greek yogurt lime cilantro dip (the cilantro was harvested from the garden as well!). We are very proud of the students for working so hard and trying new things!