This week at Goldenview we focused on plant anatomy! Goldenview students learned about the “tops” and “bottoms” of different plants. The activities of the day included a fun flower anatomy worksheet where the students labeled the petals, leafs, and stem of the flower. The second activity the students practiced measuring different plants using a 12 inch ruler. The class we had in the morning had a third activity of learning senses. The students wrote on a worksheet writing down the five senses and relating it to plants such as the sense of smell, smelling the plants, the sense of sight, seeing bright colored flowers, etc. The after school program students in the k-3 group participated in planting mini green houses for lettuce and dianthus plants! The 4th and 5th graders participated in the garden working on cutting vines to eventually make hurdles with the vines! All the students did a great job in participating in all the activities.