This week was a pretty busy week at Beachside, Goldenview and our first visit for gardening at Oakmont. At Beachside, we continued to work with the residents on prior activities such as puzzles and painting. We created an outline of activities for the duration of Theresa and I’s fieldwork for the residents to participate in and introduced it to Lulu for approval. At the end of the week for Beachside, we installed planters in the patio area and cannot wait to facilitate gardening days on Wednesdays here! For Goldenview, we acquired our 5 hours for the week by continuing to get rid of those thistle plants in the way and have made huge progress which is super rewarding for the both of us to see over the past 3 weeks. Friday was our first day at Oakmont with Susan and the residents and the session went very well! We had a good amount of residents come out and participate in the introduction portion of the activity and only so many wanted to actually plant a plant due to the inclimate weather. Theresa and I were able to linger around towards the end of the session as well to talk to the residents and learn more about them. Within the week, we also visited the art lab at the Oceanview School District to work on the die-cuts for the curriculum at Goldenview and were successful in completing our resources needed for making posters. We both also were able to complete our tie dye shirts at Annette’s house and attend the BCWC board meeting shortly after and were intrigued on how all that went. 


Beachside: This week at beachside we did a few different activities. On Monday, the Life’s Toolbox interns planned to continue a puzzle with a couple of the residents, however on this day the residents wanted to play Bingo. We had the Bingo screen up and the computer program would announce the letter and number for the residents. The interns assisted the residents who needed help to play Bingo. 

On Wednesday. The Life’s Toolbox interns set up the patio for gardening. We used to long tables. We had a total of 6 participants in the gardening activity. We had three residents who were able to participate in the gardening activity independently while the other three need more assistance. We also introduced them to the different flowers we were planting. We also talked with the residents about the different flowers and plants that they liked. 

On Friday we did an indoor activity because it was too warm outside. We participated in a tissue flower activity. There were three residents who participated and one who had observed for a few mins. We all participated in the task while having different conversations. The residents enjoyed making the craft. 


Oakmount: On Friday at Oakmount the Life’s Toolbox interns printed out different signs with different flowers and plants to label the planters with. Before we started the activity, we introduced ourselves. We also went over what we did last week which is gardening some flowers in the planters, as well as introduced the activity we were doing today. The activity for this day was for the residents to color the signs.  We had 7 participants in the coloring activity. The residents had options to use color pencils, markers or water coloring paint. The residents colored for the hour class. 


Goldenview: On Thursday at Goldenview was our first day with the students. The first class we had was definitely a learning experience of the pace we needed to go at. We began by having an introduction of Life’s Toolbox, learning about the flowers and plants we brought in, as well as introducing the activities we were about to do. The first two classes we had we focused on the students completing the task of choosing a team name, spelling the name on the poster board with their letters and decorating the posters. After that, based on the time we had, we would have the students do the propagation activity and/or the mini greenhouse activity. We told the students that the activities we didn’t get to today, is okay, and we will complete it by next week. We will need to complete the name tags for the groups by next class. For the after school program we did not focus on poster boards for the younger students but rather introduced ourselves to the students as well as themselves. We had the younger students in the after school program write their names on their name tags and on a folder. We all walked together to the farm where the students planted some flowers and watered them. 

The 4th and 5th graders in the after school program, we had them write their name on the folders as well as decorate it. We had the students participate in making the mini green houses. After they were done with that, we had everyone go to the farm/garden. The students used the soil to fill out the empty gallon canisters with soil and planted different plants. We had the students transfer the plants to the standing planters. The students completed the activity with watering the plants.