04/29-05/03 Golden View 

This week at Golden View big changes were completed at the garden! The planters will be labeled so that students, family, and faculty can navigate easily through the garden. In planter 3 we covered the weeds with plastic and resurfaced it with our new mulch (which has the fragrance of a eucalyptus tree!). The life skill we focused on this week was time management. A vast amount of tasks were given to students to complete on time and in an effective manner. Students filled the wheelbarrows with our new mini shovels and transported mulch to the garden. External planters were created with crates. We currently have strawberries, tomatoes, squash, and beans growing! We appreciate your donations of laundry detergent bottled as the students have enjoyed using them to water the plants! Lastly, a new classroom set up has been created under the pine tree! Now there’ll be a place to meet under the shade. We’re very excited to see the new changes and even more proud of how hard the students are working to complete them.