This week at Golden View, mentors continued to focus our theme on life skills in the garden. The particular life skill we focused on this week was responsibility. Classes completed a number of activities including garden crafts, soil sifting, pulling weeds, and mulching. The students have been working so hard with mulching, our new mulch pile is almost gone! We loved to see students working so hard this week and really taking responsibility to care for the garden and the farm. Many students shared with us what responsibility means to them and different responsibilities that they have at home and in their classrooms. A lot of work was done in Planter 3 this week. Though it feels like many weeds are taking over, Life’s Toolbox has a new game plan which will promote the success of our newly planted vegetables, and we are excited to see our students eager to help. We are so proud of the students for coming back from spring break and working as hard as ever. We can’t wait to see what additional responsibilities they are ready to take on.