Annette Hatala

Dr. Annette Hatala, OTD

As an occupational therapist, former homeschooler, and parent of a child with special needs (ADHD and sensory processing disorder), my goal is to help families with children and adolescents gain productive life skills and techniques to manage their day to day symptoms. In the past, I have worked with at-risk teens in group homes with many diagnoses including conduct disorder, oppositional defiant, ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ADS), and attachment disorders. By providing experiential learning experiences, I help teens gain new and adaptive life skills while engaging in tasks. Life skills learned include sensory regulation techniques, alternative learning styles, executive functions, and self-regulating techniques, all of which allow these individuals to participate in activities which are meaningful to them.

Maria Dalene Trazo, OTA

Hello! My name is Maria Dalene Trazo, but I go by my middle name Dalene (duh-leen). I am currently an OTA student from Stanbridge University. I chose OT because I really do have a passion for being a help to others. Initially I wanted to get into Psychology upon graduating high school, but ever since I came across OT from looking more into the medical field, I saw how holistic and hands on it was. In that moment that’s when I knew I’ve discovered my niche. With having past fieldwork experience, especially at SNF’s, it really overfills my heart to know I’m capable of helping patient’s find their purpose in their daily lives again when they thought all was lost. I’m still undecided on what population I’d like to serve and what setting I’d like to be at, but I’m more than willing to venture out and explore my horizons on all the possibilities that I come across.  I have nothing but immense gratitude for all that I’ve learned so far in becoming a well-rounded OTA and cannot wait to actually challenge myself out there in the real world to make an imprint of my own in helping those who are in need of OT. Therapeutic use of self most definitely goes a long way!


During my free time I enjoy listening to and making music. I know how to play the guitar, ukulele, and the piano. I like singing as well, but am too timid for any exposure. I recently got into DJing, but I would categorize myself as a bedroom DJ since it’s more of an independent hobby of mine. Spending time with my family and my loved ones is a must! I usually take a lot of time and advantage of my free time to focus on my self-care as well. I absolutely love experiencing new things, new places, and new food. You can always find me visiting museums, constantly in traffic from OC <-> LA or simply relaxing at a brewery.

Theresa Simpson

Hello, my name is Theresa Simpson. 

I am currently a student at Santa Ana College studying to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant. I have a Bachelors of Science in Health Science, from California State University of Fullerton. 

I decided I wanted to become and occupational therapy assistant through my journey of volunteering in different settings. My journey started by coaching soccer to children who have special needs. I then began volunteering in various OT settings to learn more and fell in love with helping others in the process. 


My interests include spending time with my friends and family, playing soccer, backpacking/hiking, and being at the beach. A fun fact about me is that I really enjoy learning new things. I am currently learning to play golf. 


I look forward to continuing my education and pursuing a career in occupational therapy.

Hello! My name is Chloe Latz.

I am currently completing my final semester of OT school at Stanbridge University. I am so excited to become an occupational therapist and help those in need. I grew up near Chicago, Illinois and I studied health science at Boston University during my undergraduate years. I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia where I worked at the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. That is where I was first exposed to occupational therapy for those with disabilities, and I loved it. I am interested in helping historically underserved communities, and would love to work with victims of gang or gun violence in the future. I would love to bring my skills back to Chicago to help populations in the city. When I’m not in school, I enjoy music, concerts, gardening, and going to the beach. 

Hello! My name is Victoria Slavin ( I go by Vicky 🙂 ) 

Currently, I am in my last term of my occupational therapy master’s program at Stanbridge University. I’ve had quite the journey towards becoming an occupational therapy student (and almost Occupational Therapist!!). I began my undergrad career as a business student and realized it was not the path for me. I transitioned to the major of psychology as I was always drawn towards mental health and knew I eventually wanted to be in a field where I could help people of all ages. After graduating from college, I became a teacher assistant/ 1:1 aide at a special needs school. I fell in love with assisting children who had a range of disabilities and disorders. I saw occupational therapy in the school setting and the enormous impact it had on the children I worked with daily. I would love to continue working with the pediatric population in either a school or clinic-based setting. I would also like to work in the low-vision sector of OT one day as well. 

I love spending my free time at the beach and bike riding! I have a large family who I miss dearly back in New York! Fun fact – I am a Triplet 🙂