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For Mentors

    • Include class title
    • Description, if possible any research studies that have used this technique to increase productive life skills within the last 5 years,
    • how many will you meet with the class (we will be running 50 minute classes, classes will start promptly on the top of the hour and end 10 till for clean-up and the following mentor can prep)(if you would like to do some type of lecture to parents, there could be up to 20 people and you would need to state how long you would need the facility),
    • price point, max students per class (no more than 6 students for classes or 20 for lecture),
    • additional fees for supplies provided by mentor (will be collected at the beginning of the first class)
    • student supplies required for first day of class

    (1024KB limit | Allowed File Types: pdf, txt, doc, docx)

    Thank you for your interest in providing classes for Life’s Toolbox. If your class is considered we will contact you and discuss compensation (typically 65% will go to mentor 35% to Life's Toolbox).

    If you have only questions at this time about providing classes, please send resume along with questions.