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Gardening at Golden View 10/3/19

10/3/19  This week at Goldenview we focused on plant anatomy! Goldenview students learned about the “tops” and “bottoms” of different plants. The activities of the day included a fun flower anatomy worksheet where the students labeled the petals, leafs, and stem of the flower. The second activity the students practiced measuring different plants using a

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Gardening at Beachside, Golden View and Oakmont 9/9-9/13

9/9/19-9/13/19  This week was a pretty busy week at Beachside, Goldenview and our first visit for gardening at Oakmont. At Beachside, we continued to work with the residents on prior activities such as puzzles and painting. We created an outline of activities for the duration of Theresa and I’s fieldwork for the residents to participate

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Huntington Beach Public Library and Beachside 9/1-9/7

9/1/19-9/7/19  This week Life’s Toolbox Interns participated at Huntington Beach’s Public Library adult coloring event as well as attended our first day at Beachside. It was our first time at the adult coloring event and we both really enjoyed it. The event host provided a sign up sheet, cookies, tea, coloring books, markers and colored

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