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Golden View 3/18-3/22

03/18-03/22 Golden View Summary  This week at Golden View, the students worked on preparation and organization. Throughout the garden, we prepared the planters for more vegetables by adding compost and mulch. The planters are looking great and they’re just about ready to go! Students also worked on adding stepping stones within the garden planters in

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Huntington Beach Library Adult Coloring; 3/06

03/06/19 - Huntington Beach Library Adult Coloring (AM) After an eventful week, interns at Life’s Toolbox participated in an adult coloring night held by Huntington Beach Library. The hosts of the event were welcoming and encouraged you to try and any design available. Coloring intricate designs was a simple, yet therapeutic activity that allowed us

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Golden View; 2/25-3/01

02/25-03/01 Golden View Summary (AM) This week the students worked on teamwork. The main activity of the week was dividing into groups, decorating individual name tags, and most importantly deciding on a team name! The students took turns sharing their ideas, voted on their favorite, and decorated their poster together. When the students weren’t decorating

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Low Vision at the VA Hospital; Week of 3/04

This week at Life’s Toolbox, Annette and the interns had a wonderful meeting with the recreation therapists in the Blind Rehabilitation Center of the VA hospital. There, we received a tour of the unit to see how the recreation therapists and other valuable staff members support veterans in learning how to regain life skills and

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