We have been invited back to Imaginology! Click here to see all the interesting activities and events happening. Below is a excerpt from the website. Imaginology Invention + play + experimentation = learning Have you ever wondered how math can help you cook … or what causes a rainbow … or how baby chicks know

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Lake View Garden Update 2/19/2018

The Lake View Garden is in its transformation stage!  In preparation for the hard work ahead of us, we stocked up on the proper tools for the job.  Equipped with pointed shovels, hoes, and pitchforks, working in the garden was extremely productive.  The space is finally getting cleared of weeds which allow the existing plants

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Yorba Linda Garden

We broke ground at the Lakeview Elementary Garden this week!  The week began with a successful teacher luncheon where we provided vegetables fresh from the Long Beach VA Garden for the staff to enjoy.  We welcomed the teacher's input regarding ideas for the garden because we believe it is essential to get as many people

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