Helping Tweens/Teens On and Off the Spectrum

Life’s toolbox is a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit that offers life skill classes for teens, young adults, and veterans. Our goal is to assist participants in gaining or regaining productive life skills though engagement in activities while focusing on their strengths and gifts. In our teen and young adults programs, we explore how to gain life skills which will increase community and vocational opportunities. For veterans, our goal is to introduce or reintroduce life skills to assist in assimilating back into the community.  For members, workshops and lectures will also be offered to family members to support participants. We will be offering small classes and workshops with an emphasis on pre vocational skills, artisan activities, productive social skills, and coping mechanisms taught by professionals (occupational therapists, MFTs, and behavior therapists) and local artisans. Occupational therapy interns from a local colleges and universities will also be part of the life skills team.

We have private, public, and member classes and workshops.

We go to private schools and clubs to provide classes for the students at those locations.  While the classes are listed on the calendar to illustrate our openness to travel and provide classes, they are not available to the general public.  

Tweens, Teens, and Young Adults

Our classes and workshops have five levels.

The public is welcome to sign up for Level 1 classes and workshops. These classes provide a jumping off point where the teens can explore basic classes in small group settings and begin to learn about life skills.  This is also a trial period to determine if the teen has the skill sets to move onto level 2 classes.

Level 2: Gaining and Refining Life Skills

Level 2 and higher levels are for members only.  After a teen has successfully completed at least five Level 1 classes, they can seek to explore more higher level classes.  The family is open to contact a Life’s Toolbox mentor and discuss becoming a member of Life’s Toolbox.  Perspective teens and families need to go to a leveling up workshop to gain information on what is expected for level 2s.  Following that, family and teen will have a comprehensive assessment to determine if the teen has the initial skill set to become a member and the ability to move onto level 2 classes. This takes about 2 hours and there is a $150.00 one time assessment fee.  There is also a monthly membership fee for level two members and above.

Level 3: Community Service

Once the life skills have been practiced in the small group setting, it is important for the teens to transfer the skills into community settings.  Teens and families will be required to attend another leveling up class to determine if the teen is able to move to this level.  If accepted, they will be required to attend preparatory classes to go onto community service field trips so they may practice how to adapt skills they gained in Level 1 and 2 classes into community settings.

Level 4: Transitioning to a Mentor’s Apprentice

Participants continue their journey and begin to assist at classes and workshops with level 1 and 2 teens.  This is the time for them to hone the skills they have gained and practice and begin to explore leadership skills.

Level 5: Creating a Class of Their Own

Participants and families seek out a mentor from Life’s Toolbox and begin to design a life skills class or workshop

Tinkerer’s Workshops

Participants who have successfully completed certain vocational classes will be invited to a Tinkerer’s Workshop where tools and supplies are available for the participants to use. An example course would be leather tooling or scrapbooking.


Our veteran programs run on an individual basis with local groups.  For additional information, please go to the Contact Us section to ask for specific programs offered at this time.

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206, 2018

Lake View Garden Update 5/28/18

June 2nd, 2018|Comments Off on Lake View Garden Update 5/28/18

Week of 5/28/2018 This week we started to close down the Lake View garden. We pulled out all of the flower beds on the ground. These boxes contained strawberries and green beans. During the student's lunch, they helped us weed the boxes and then got to take home a strawberry

2005, 2018

Lake View Garden Update 5/14/2018

May 20th, 2018|Comments Off on Lake View Garden Update 5/14/2018

Spring has sprung! The new plants in the garden are growing wonderfully, but along with all that new growth is also the growth of weeds. There will always be more weeding to do in a garden than planting, but the little hands that help us make it much more enjoyable!

1405, 2018

Lake View Garden Update 5/7/2018

May 14th, 2018|Comments Off on Lake View Garden Update 5/7/2018

This week at the Lake View Elementary Garden, we started to clear the grounds for weed cloth. We started with leveling the ground, which was almost like bedrock. We had to soak the ground in order to break through the rocky soil. Next, we prepped the soil for the students

905, 2018

Therapeutic Expressive Arts Summit 4/26-4/29

May 9th, 2018|Comments Off on Therapeutic Expressive Arts Summit 4/26-4/29

The Therapeutic Expressive Arts Summit at the Los Angeles Hilton was a very unique and creative event! The conference entailed 4 days of workshops that allowed for psychologists, counselors, therapists and creatives from all over the United States to explore new ways of helping their clients. As volunteers, we were


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